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¾ or Full-time

Washington, D.C. / Miami, FL


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  • Minimum 1-year experience teaching or tutoring peers on an individual basis or classroom instruction

  • Bachelor’s degree or some college preferred

  • Comfortable delivering tutoring instruction virtually or willingness to learn

  • Develop rapport with students and establishes a fun learning environment

  • Maintain a positive attitude and demonstrate enthusiasm for teaching and tutoring

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Top Compensation

We closely monitor rates from our competitors and consistently pay above the industry norm, so you know we value your profound partnership. Top Score offers incentives for travel, graduate schools, or personal growth projects.

Work Flexibility

We encourage travel and exploration. Own your calendar with flexible working arrangements and schedule autonomy. Your wellness and feelings of freedom are conducive to successful learning partnerships at Top Score.

Genuine Growth

Diversity in our student partnerships is met with dynamic dedication from our professionals. Map your career with many available pathways while you leverage a supportive and experienced team that drives your goals forward.

Steady Springboard

Nothing prepares potential graduate students for their exams like teaching standardized tests or working with a team that provides essay advice, interview practice, and powerful recommendations for admissions. Your career aspirations are also safe with Top Score, as we can adjust your employment as you evolve.

Community Opportunity

Many professionals in the workforce chase the paycheck but lack connection to their work. Our focus extends beyond the 9-5 and touches upon humanity in a way that gives back to the community.

Team Members

We invite you to meet the talented team members who are dedicated to our critical mission.

Alex Chip

Founder | Nationally Recognized SAT/ACT Expert

Charlotte Gosnell

Director, North Carolina | Test Prep Tutor

Graciele Oliveira

Math Tutor

Bryan Durazo

Veteran Test Prep Tutor

Jon Puder

Veteran Test Prep Tutor

Santi Orozco

Test Prep & STEM Tutor

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