High School Course Tutoring

While a schoolteacher must be scholar and actor, ready to captivate their audience upon the stage, a tutor must be scholar and friend. Deep relationships between tutor and family catapult learning beyond the textbook and cement lasting change in the way students approach their education at large.

Top Score students learn content, but they also adopt organization, prioritization, and time management. They polish work before they submit it, edit before they polish, plan before they edit, organize before they plan—and set goals before they do anything. The combination of dynamic programming with inspiring educators makes Top Score the ultimate guide on your hero’s journey.


Intimidation Deflation

The popular verdict on Math & Science classes is that these are subjects of struggle. “I’m not a math person” are not words in the Top Score vocabulary. Using our Past-Present-Future model to ensure scaffolded learning that can be retained, we help students achieve solid grades and most importantly, gain confidence in subjects that intimidate them. Each lesson plan reviews the previous month’s content to fortify a strong foothold and previews upcoming concepts. This translates to increased attention and participation in class—creating a positive feedback loop.

Our Belief

Students thrive when math is broken down, explained carefully, and practiced continuously. Our deep relationships and discovery-based methods improve performance while nurturing irreplaceable skills. Cultivating precise analysis, problem solving, working memory, inquiry and confidence are benefits of studying STEM areas guided by Top Score Educators. In fact, we want to assist students with SAT Subject Tests, AP courses or exams, and the Math/Science portions of the SAT and ACT.


The Humanities, often neglected in today’s digital world, form the core of the classic Western academic tradition. Whether your student hopes to be a doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur or professor, the lessons of our heroic human history and culture cannot be coded: it must be learned, struggled with, and above all cherished.

Top Score’s character-driven model of history study breathes life into dusty textbooks. Our history buffs help students to understand, rather than just memorize, humanity’s collective past as a network of titanic heroes and villains who pushed civilization to its limits. Character development techniques allows a country, a continent, an era to be understood through the life and accomplishments of individuals. Students relate better to these biopic-style lessons than to their timelines and flashcards, and better connect those stories to the history unfolding in their own lifetimes.


The power of language and persuasion threads the fabric of success in both the academic and professional world. Students who can organize and effectively express their ideas will outpace their competition, achieve recognition, and leave behind a deeper footprint on the world. Top Score students engage with passionate writer-educators through our three distinct programs.

Written Word

Our most dynamic and ambitious writing program, the Written Word utilizes project-based learning to instill practical academic and testing skills, inspire appreciation for various genres of literature, and help young writers find their voices to leverage in confidence and authenticity. Program theory and exercises are drawn from our founder’s undergraduate and graduate study of English and Writing at Duke and Johns Hopkins Universities, respectively.

College Essay Consulting

When it comes to college acceptance, this program help students organize the process of writing & admissions requirements, find their unique story, develop their honest and unfiltered voice, then polish the essay for grammar and precision of language—without compromising the student’s leave spirit on the page.

Academic Curriculum and Testing

We support students who struggle to connect with English courses in school—from reading comprehension of the classics to essay and research paper assignments. We also prepare students for the SAT Subject Tests, AP Courses or AP Exams, and the Verbal portions of the SAT/ACT.