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Nick Turecky

SAT & ACT Tutor

Meet Nick Turecky:

Duke Grad | Test Prep Specialist.

Coming from a family of educators, I’ve always seen, first-hand, the importance of being surrounded by passionate teachers and learners. Being an anxious test-taker growing up, I know the pressures that are on the shoulders of students who are juggling academic commitments while also trying to live a normal teenage life. As I progressed through my academic journey, the one thing that kept me grounded was having a sense of preparation. I love to help students who may have a similar sense of anxiety to feel comfortable and gain confidence that they can tackle any challenge thrown at them, and preparation is key.

At Duke, I majored in visual and media studies, and my creative passion is video editing. The heart of video editing is problem-solving: how can you think critically to piece together disparate ideas and concepts to create a cohesive, understandable, and engaging whole? Test prep poses a very similar workflow: how can you, given a wide array of information, certain constraints, and a question, arrive at a conclusion? As a tutor, I encourage students to break out of the multiple-choice bubble and think about strategies to be successful by employing a combination of their practiced skills and their unique ability to think on their feet. Preparation puts them in a position to succeed, but they must sharpen more subjective skills and the confidence to use them to achieve their highest goals.

High School Services: SAT & ACT Test Prep

Comprehensive SAT & ACT Test Prep Program: $3,600
Non-Test Prep Hourly Rate: $150


North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Class of 2017
National Honor Society
STEM club
Physics and Genetics TA
Marching band

Duke University

Class of 2021
Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Media Studies
Graduated cum laude
Taught a house course on Intergenerational Ethics for 3 years
CSbyUs participant (a program that educates middle schoolers on foundations of computer science)
Won two film awards at Duke’s Student Showcase



Freelance video editor in DC


Human Heart

Movie/reality TV lover

Enjoyer of animals

Board game fanatic and Mario Kart expert