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Nico CorderoNico Cordero

Meet Nico Cordero: SAT, ACT, & STEM Tutor.

I have been a problem solver for as long as I can remember. When I moved from Connecticut to Arkansas at 9 years old, I felt despair. My support system was shattered. I could no longer rely on my aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, or culture. It was just me, my mom, my dad, and my brother, a small Puerto Rican family out of place in the south. Over time and through the dedication of those who saw my inherent worth, I learned that my losses do not define me, and through the transcendence of my past and focus on self-improvement, I can thrive anywhere.

As a tutor, I bring this philosophy to bear with my students. Who you are is incredible, and one of the reasons for that is entirely separate from who you are now: it is your limitless potential, your capacity always to be better. My mission is to get you as close to that elusive limit as you want. I am with you every step of the way and look forward to seeing you thrive.

Middle School Services: All Middle School Math & English
High School Services: SAT • ACT • Biology • AP Biology • Algebra I • Algebra II • Geometry • English 

Comprehensive SAT & ACT Program: $3,600
Infinity Math Test Prep Primer: $2,700
Non-Test Prep Hourly Rate: $150

The University of Chicago

Bachelors in Neuroscience & Psychology (Pre-Med)
La Rabida Children’s Hospital Volunteer
Board Member, Library Student Advisory Board
Member, Seeds of Justice
Director, Lascivious Ball
Portia and Calpurnia in The Classical Society’s production of Julius Caesar
University of Chicago Hospital Adult Emergency Department Volunteer
Neuroscience Honors
Dean’s List
University Scholarship
President’s Scholarship

Haas Hall Academy

Swimming Team
Track Team
Cross Country Team
Cheerleading Team

Academic Teams and Clubs
Quiz Bowl
Medical Club (Founding Member)
Model United Nations
Model Arab League
National Honor Society

Publications and Dramatic Arts
Poetry Published: A Celebration of Poets, Arkansas Anthology, Haas Hall Literary Magazine
Tom in Trike Theatre’s production of School House Rock: Live! & Romeo in Arts Live’s production of Romeo and Juliet

Awards and Honors
Rogers-Lowell Chamber of Commerce Award for Academic Achievement
Editor’s Choice Photography in Arkansas Anthology
Athletic-Academic Excellence Award
Outstanding Delegation Award for Representation of Egypt at Model Arab League
National Merit Scholar


  1. Researcher at The University of Arkansas, The University of Chicago, & The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NIH)
  2. Aspiring Medical Doctor
  3. Licensed Emergency Medical Technician

Human Heart

  1. Nature appreciator
  2. Gym goer and bicyclist
  3. Travel enthusiast
  4. Nintendo Switch player
  5. Binge watcher