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Rustie RobisonRustie Robison

Meet Rustie Robison: High School Science Tutor.

I am a science enthusiast with practical experience in the lab, researching entomology and plant pathogens, and teaching science and agriculture. Originally from Illinois, I found my way to Colorado through many adventures, travels, and stops all along the way. I have earned a bachelor’s in Biology, a master’s in Biology, and an M.Ed. in Education.

Outside of my work as a tutor for Top Score, I am a full-time AP Chemistry and AP Biology teacher. I bring a rich background in science to the learning environment and work to ensure students deeply understand their coursework’s theoretical and practical concepts. I am also energetic and supportive, always smiling and engaging in positive rapport with students. Every student can meet their full potential through questioning, practice, and a trusting relationship with their tutor.

High School Services: Biology • AP Biology • Chemistry • AP Chemistry • Physics • AP Physics

Hourly Rate: $150

Colorado State University

Master’s in Horticulture and Entomology (2007-2011)
M.ED in Education (2010-2011)

Bradley University

Class of 2001
Scientific research (garlic mustard and induced defenses) and symposiums
Worked full-time during college

Pekin Community High School

Class of 1997
Building bicycles, refurnishing furniture and found items, reading, and other odd jobs


  1. Middle and High School Science Teacher
  2. High School Instructional Coach (I train teachers how to teach)
  3. Gifted and Talented Instructor
  4. Science Bowl Coach

Human Heart

  1. Adventurer
  2. Science nerd
  3. Botany and garden enthusiast
  4. All-things entomology
  5. Avid reader and a lifelong learner