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Spencer Paulsen

Top Score Homework Buddy

Meet Spencer Paulsen:

Homework Buddy.

As a Top Score Homework Buddy tutor, I work with my students to set achievable goals for each session and help them reach those goals. By consistently achieving these goals, the students build their confidence in their understanding of the material and are better equipped to apply it in the future. During each session, my goal is to create a focused and supportive environment where students can fully engage with their work and seek assistance as needed.

I am a recent Landon School graduate who grew up in Virginia and Texas. Taking a gap year before college, I have a strong background in academic success. My passion for tutoring began when I first helped classmates in first grade, and since then, I have served as a peer tutor, sharing my knowledge and expertise with others.

Services: Homework Buddy

Hourly Rate: $28


Landon School

Class of 2022
Varsity Rugby Captain
Model UN
Robotics Team Captain



Peer Tutor at Landon School

John Marshall Award for Excellence in English

Eagle Scout


Human Heart

Minnesota Vikings fanatic


Jujitsuka - Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

Like to cook and am our household's chef