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Treat Shepardson

Veteran SAT, SAT, & ACT Tutor

Meet Treat Shepardson:

Test Prep Specialist .

As a veteran Top Score tutor with a wealth of experience helping students prepare for the SAT, ACT, and SSAT since 2018, I deeply understand what it takes to succeed on these critical exams. My teaching philosophy centers on student-driven learning and promotes critical thinking, close reading, and problem-solving skills far beyond the test.

I prioritize building deep relationships with my students, identifying the root cause of any disinterest, confusion, or apathy they may be experiencing, and providing the tools and guidance needed to overcome these obstacles. With a teaching style rooted in kindness, patience, and non-judgment, I work to instill a sense of personal responsibility and self-accountability in my students. By setting high expectations for effort, maturity, and critical thinking, I help students realize their full potential and achieve their goals.

Middle School Services: SSAT
High School Services: ACT • SAT • PSAT • English (all courses) • Written Word Program

Comprehensive SAT & ACT Prep Program: $3,600
Comprehensive SSAT, HSPT, ISEE Program: $2,700
Hourly Non-Test Prep Tutoring: $150


Washington-Liberty High School

Hampshire College

Class of 2017
BA in American Literature
Founding editor of campus newspaper



Veteran Top Score Tutor - I have 800+ hours of SAT/ACT test prep!

Copy editor for tech startup

Spent a season working on an organic farm in Pennsylvania

Former summer camp teacher & counselor


Human Heart

Avid hiker & road tripper - I currently planning a backpacking trip in the Great Smokey Mountains

Gardener with a deep interest in organic farming

Love of all things film and fiction

Guitarist in a folk band