Deep Learning Through Deep Relationships

With two decades of experience clearing the path to optimal scores and making dream school acceptances a reality, Top Score empowers students with executive function training through the mastery of testing processes, application of reverberating mantras, and profound self-evaluation: the building blocks of Deep Learning.

Change requires trust and inspiration dictates improvement. The personal partnership with Top Score tutors catalyzes true evolution. As students gain confidence with each victory, they experience exponential growth. The positive feedback loop between trust and progression results in Deep Relationships.

Top Score Education exceeds expectations through 5 Program Pillars:

Our Proven Process pushes students to heroic heights—their test scores, tremendous growth patterns, increased confidence, and self-actualization are testament to that. The metrics are immeasurable compared to the pride students feel when they reach their goals.



Diagnostics with personalized planning and test selection



Comprehensive instruction from foundational to advanced level verbal and mathematics skills



Mastery of systematic processes to overcome impulse and assumption, building to acute accountability and self-evaluation



Strategic, targeted homework and exercises monitored for completion, effort, and attention to detail



Confidence gained from establishing and achieving goals


The word “tutor” is derived from the Latin tutorem… meaning watcher or guardian.

Top Score guides students, our heroes, by lighting their paths but also walking alongside them. We deliver direction in a compassionate way that goes further than traditional supervisory relationships. Tutor partnerships are vital to your student’s success and trust dictates our programs from planning, to implementation, and execution.

We take pride in the extra steps our tutors take to empower students with life lessons and academic career advice—pushing the normal boundaries of subject expertise. Transformation is achieved through that mentorship, where students complete their journeys carrying newly found confidence into their known worlds.

“A hero ventures forth…

from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.”

— Carl Jung

I want. I can. I will. I am.

I want: Declare your intentions as you define a worthy and ambitious goal.

Your Top Score program advisor helps translate your student’s needs into appropriate goals, advise on a calendar, and select the right educator.

I can: Analyze your challenges, study the obstacles, and believe in your heroic ability.

The foundations learned early in a program are preparation for more challenging pillars that lead to advanced techniques. Learning connects school skills—to testing skills—to life skills.

I will: Map the hero’s journey with ascending levels of progress using holistic skill development.

Diagnostic testing and past score reviews allow your Top Score educator to identify strengths and weaknesses, while they impart confidence in students with simple changes to strategy and mindset.

I am: Execute the plan and fulfill your intentions.

Top Score educators require accountability, precision, communication, self-evaluation, and attention to detail from their students. Impactful tutor partnerships blossom when students desire to be great in everything that they do.

Top Score Education, founded by a Duke University alumnus, is a collection of experienced educators and lifelong learners—many of whom are also Duke graduates. Joining them are passionate academics who attended, or currently enrolled in graduate programs at:

Top Score has high educator retention rates in an otherwise transient industry—showcasing our commitment to achieving the highest quality partnerships between educator and student. Team members not only immensely care about Top Score learning programs—they likely had a hand in creating them.

Alex Chip

Founder | Nationally Recognized SAT/ACT Expert

Charlotte Gosnell

Director, North Carolina | Test Prep Tutor

Graciele Oliveira

Math Tutor

Bryan Durazo

Veteran Test Prep Tutor

Jon Puder

Veteran Test Prep Tutor

Santi Orozco

Test Prep & STEM Tutor

While all of us are proud jacks and jills of all trades, some of us are Masters of Writing, History and Education, while others are Doctors of Philosophy and Engineering. Our team hosts NCAA championships swimmers, globe-trotting photographers, and piezoelectric engineers. We promote work-life balance for our staff. Encouraging travel or exploration means educators bring enthusiasm, inspiration, and additional perspective to our students.