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Deep Learning Through Deep Relationships: One-to-One Test Prep, Tutoring, and Skills-Based Learning Individualized for Your Child

Test Prep: ACT • SAT • SSAT • PSAT • AP • GRE • GMAT
Academic Tutoring: All 3rd-12th Grade Subjects Select College Courses
Skills-Based Learning: College Essay Coaching • Study Skills Boost • Written Word • Project Build • Infinity Math

Louise Greenspan
Alex Chip is an inspired tutor. He instilled a new depth of learning in my son that set him up to not only do well in his SAT but has had lasting effects on his overall high school work. My son is by far a better analytic reader and writer because of Alex's SAT tutoring, and his confidence in Math grew exponentially. The impact of Alex's work with my son is far-reaching and well beyond merely standardized test prep. Months after completing the SAT, Alex's influence on my son's schoolwork is still being felt! Alex really did bring out the best in my son, and it still continues.
Karén Grigorian
Both of my children worked with Alex Chip on their ACT prep. They reached peak ACT performance! In addition to mastering test-taking skills, they gained strong skills in Math and English, which will certainly be helpful in college. Alex went beyond and above the regular tutoring practices, including extra hours and additional help when my children needed it for their college applications.
Sandra O'Reilly
Thais was a great SAT tutor! She kept us informed, built a positive relationship with my son, and worked with him at a very high level!
Ellen Szymanski
I highly recommend Steven Feister and the team at Top Score Education. Steven worked with my son on his ACT prep. Steven did an excellent job keeping my son engaged. Additionally, Steven built a trusting relationship with my son and our family. I highly recommend Top Score Education for ACT test prep.
Jodi Davis
Throughout the time that my son worked with Thais on his SAT prep, she was outstanding. She exceeded my expectations and helped my son achieve significant SAT score growth! I highly recommend her and Top Score Education.
Glenn Johnson
During my son's ACT preparation program, Alex Chip and Top Score Education motivated him to do his best. Thank you!
Peter Phelps
My experience with Top Score was excellent. They had a great plan that they followed with a laser-like focus. Their program was efficient and manageable for my student and offered them accurate and targeted areas of improvement. In addition, my child's tutor, Alex Chip, was enthusiastic, encouraging, and upbeat.
Liz Goozh
Top Score Education was very insightful and strategic. They went above and beyond the work of other tutors that we have worked with in the past.
Larisa Trainor
op Score Education had excellent communications! Additionally, they tailored their SAT prep program to my student's needs. They knew the process well and educated us. Highly recommend!
Jim Gerstein
Alex Chip is outstanding on numerous levels, and we are very grateful for his expertise and commitment to our son. They connected very well, and Alex came up with excellent strategies to keep him motivated and overcome preparation fatigue. Alex also worked with a tight schedule to make things work with the time pressures of a busy high school student, which was essential for our son achieving success. We could not be happier with Alex and Top Score. Thank you for everything!

ACT, SAT, PSAT, SSAT, AP, GRE & GMAT Test Prep: Question the Answers

We reactivate reasoning and work with our students to pick apart patterns, standardize success in STEM subjects, and embrace language and literature by transforming the abstract to make them concrete: foundations of an executive skillset for the modern student.

Academic Tutoring: Master Subject Matter

Future scientists and math-averse students alike sharpen their skillsets and break through ceilings in our tailored Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) programs. With a shared focus on the left and right cerebral hemispheres, we also provide growth and guidance to reluctant historians or young writers who emphasize the “human” in Humanities.

Skills-Based Learning: Go Beyond the Classroom

Students of all levels map their superhuman journeys through project-based learning programs like Project Build, where future executives develop organization and leadership, and Infinity Math, where potential city planners explore problem-solving strategies through critical thinking. 


The Written Word program helps students discover their voice while strengthening their foundations of literacy and Study Skills Boost empowers students’ organization and self-advocacy skills.

Why Top Score?

I started Top Score Education in 2004 as an antidote to “band-aid tutoring”—rather than simply teach test tricks, the goal was to inspire students to alter the way they learn, read, write, and problem-solve. Our company shield features the letter Delta representing change, and a staircase emblemizing ascension. We energize students to embrace these symbols as catalysts for higher scores, greater confidence, and empowering self-advocacy. Our students win debate tournaments, rock robotic competitions, achieve perfect SAT/ACT scores, and text us Nietzsche jokes. Former students even return to teach with us.

We remain small and exclusively hire career educators for whom personalization is not a goal, but a mandate. We are advocates of our students, friends of our families, and guides in an education landscape that can be tough to navigate.

I invite you to join the Top Score Education family and gain a trusted and true partnership.