Conquer Your Career

The achievements you earned on your journey of academic heroism were hard fought victories that often came with sacrifice. You may recall the leaders that inspired you beyond the scope of your own dreams or lifted you up when you fell down.

Buy into our belief – deep learning is achieved through deep connection. We need you to help empower the next generation of heroes in the same way you acquired your achievement. Top Score passionately provides you with a rich and rewarding experience during your time on the team.


Open Positions

Job OpportunityLocationJob Type
SAT & ACT TutorD.C. Metro Part-timeLearn More
STEM TutorD.C. Metro Part-timeLearn More


Top Compensation

We closely monitor rates from our competitors and consistently pay above the industry norm, so you know we value your profound partnership. Top Score offers incentives for travel, graduate schools, or personal growth projects.

Work Flexibility

We encourage travel and exploration. Own your calendar with flexible working arrangements and schedule autonomy. Your wellness and feelings of freedom are conducive to successful learning partnerships at Top Score.

Genuine Growth

Diversity in our student partnerships is met with dynamic dedication from our professionals. Map your career with many available pathways while you leverage a supportive and experienced team that drives your goals forward.

Steady Springboard

Nothing prepares potential graduate students for their exams like teaching standardized tests or working with a team that provides essay advice, interview practice, and powerful recommendations for admissions. Your career aspirations are also safe with Top Score, as we can adjust your employment as you evolve.

Community Opportunity

Many professionals in the workforce chase the paycheck but lack connection to their work. Our focus extends beyond the 9-5 and touches upon humanity in a way that gives back to the community.

Ideal Candidate

We recruit tutors with a passion for learning and talent for teaching. Top Score educators are lifelong learners who inspire that same joy in their students. As an integral member of our team, you have the distinct privilege of guiding the next generation on their hero journeys through individual and small group settings. Our culture is one of individual expression, employee empowerment, and discovery of the world through travel—essential tools in guiding students to future success while you achieve personal and professional growth.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to holistically educate. Our program structure provides room for modification and personalization through your deep relationships with students. Our organization’s soil is fertile—many tutors plant roots and remain full-time years after they join, advance to Directorships at new Top Score locations, or go on to graduate school programs like MIT and Harvard.
Whether a final destination or an important stop on your career path, Top Score Education will inspire you to become your best self. Find a position that inspires you using our career map.

The Grad School Gap

You love teaching but have your eyes set on a graduate school program. Our flexible work scheduling will allow time to travel and prepare for your admissions exam, and we’ll help you plan, build and shape a compelling story for applications.

The Passionate Part-Timer

Passion is contagious so we understand that your love for learning extends beyond teaching (music, writing, fitness, etc). Satisfy your desire to educate with a part-time position for the stability you need to pursue your diverse goals.

The Entrepreneur

Be your own boss – without sacrificing your love for teaching. Top Score is always looking for the Director of its next market. Help us bring our programs to your hometown.

The Educator

You envision your passion for teaching as a true career and desire less bureaucracy, more autonomy, a higher financial ceiling and increased work flexibility.