Study Skills Boost

How can we turn a low grade into a future opportunity? How can a project be broken down over the next few weeks so you have time for that Cross country meet on the weekend and band practice each afternoon? 8 hours of classes, sports practices, extracurriculars, and test prep: with so little time, it’s not uncommon for things to go unchecked. Study Skills Boost is our solution to help students own their schedules from their grades to their long term projects.

Our tutors follow a research-based six step weekly process to build up accountability and help your students piece together essential solutions. We build a record of grades, learning what went right or what needs focus. Your student will then track their progress on each homework assignment by subject before discussing additions and interventions. We’ll create an action plan with all their to-dos for the days ahead. Each lesson then ends with a study skills strategy: note-taking, reading comprehension, exam readiness and more. The Boost mission is to give your student the ultimate prep toolbox for high school and beyond.


The Top Score Study Skills Boost Process

Mindfulness Moment

We’ll start with a brief discussion about the highs and lows of the week, before working on a stress-relieving exercise. This is how we Boost productivity.

Grade Assessment

Your tutor and student will open their respective grading portal (*depending on what program is used by their school) and walk through each class together, tracking any incomplete assignments or flagging grades that need elaboration. This is how we Boost self-advocacy.

Assignment Tracker

Your student will utilize our custom Google Sheets template to keep track of all daily assignments and, importantly, to evaluate work each day. This is how we Boost accountability.

Calendar Setting & Updating

We’ll teach your student how to use Google calendar to keep track of all long-term assessments (tests/papers). This is how we Boost foresight and organization.

Action Planning

After assessing the greatest needs for the week ahead, the student-tutor duo will break down a goal into a series of steps and to-dos until the next session. This is how we Boost management and achievement.

Technique & Application

We’ll end class with an activity to teach a new management skill, study mechanism, or organization technique to try. The tutor will give a timeline of check-ins to discuss whether the student should implement the skill as part of their study plan. This is how we Boost improvement and mastery.

Study Skills Boost FAQ

Learning is enhanced through:

In-home and 1:1 learning structures with remote tutoring options.
Proven and motivational career tutors who serve as advocates.
Long term support at every step of the student journey.
Transparency with no hidden or extra fees since partnership extends beyond an hourly rate.