Change is challenging enough, and learning is tough—but Top Score makes the logistics easy. We meet your student where they are on their scholastic journey and ask them to open their minds to the rewarding evolution on the path to superhuman status. Deep connection is sown in the fabric of our mission where most programs are held in-home through 1:1 sessions to ensure unwavering focus on your student in a convenient and comfortable environment.

Scholastic Synergy

From creative writing to STEM work, we develop our students’ critical thinking to encourage the transition from intuition to process-based analysis and evidence-based decision making—no guessing games here. A proven approach met with dedication yields higher grades, scores, and self-confidence. The power of these tools transcends classroom and test achievement to enter the realities of life.

Mental Momentum

We know your student can go further than their mind takes them. We understand that feeling overwhelmed by a problem, passage, or assessment are roadblocks of the mind in need of strategic construction. Critical thinking illuminates the staircase to success and builds the confidence students need to conquer mental mountains. Deconstruct those complex problems. Tackle those tenacious tests. We pledge to motivate your student along the way and look forward to the inspiration they instill in all of us.