SSAT Test Prep

Athletes spend their youth building their bodies to compete at the highest level. Musicians sacrifice recreation for dedication to their craft. Younger students who have big dreams plant the seeds of success in perseverance and preparation.

One of the earliest introductions to standardized tests is the SSAT. Confidence around this exam prepares students for the high-stakes tests right around the corner. Early victories are vital components in academic development.

Our mission embraces all levels of learning—that means students who apply to independent or boarding schools will receive structure in the development of critical study skills, vocabulary building, math mastery, and reading comprehension. This is test prep turned life prep.

SSAT Prep Process

Students sit at the high-stakes table when it comes to college admissions. We understand that pressure and alleviate uncertainty with preparation using the Top Score 3 T’s:


A realistic schedule tailored to students’ already demanding schedule.


Meeting students where they are means testing to fit their current skills.


Deep connection begins with tutor partnerships fit to individual learning styles.

Our three-step system drives all levels of students to excel on the SSAT



The SSAT requires mastery of the fundamental skills from previous years of schooling. Tutors efficiently capitalize on students’ content strengths while identifying and filling content gaps.



Tutors guide students in recognizing exactly how those fundamental skills are presented and tested, pushing them to master the SSAT inside and out.



Content mastery requires masterful execution. Students will apply their skills in official exams using mindful time management, educated guessing, and more test-specific strategies.


Calculating Confidence

Top Score tutors take SSAT math prep past formula and reference sheets. Students will identify and strengthen weaknesses in algebra, geometry, number concepts and operations, all while executing those skills in real test questions. Top score students build conviction in math by bridging content with analytical, quantitative reasoning; mastering this section will require a mental rewiring: approaching problems with calculated confidence.


Language shapes the context and form of ideas, and ideas shape the world. Students’ ability to not only analyze and assess ideas they encounter, but articulate ideas of their own, will arm them in navigating their personal and professional lives. The pen really is mightier than the sword.


Language exists at multiple levels of analysis, with words being the building blocks of its foundation. The SSAT Verbal section, through its Synonyms and Analogies questions, tests for students’ sharpened understanding of words and their relationships. Top Score students will build their linguistic power by dissecting words and their parts (prefixes, suffixes, roots) to crush Synonyms questions, and deciphering word relationships to conquer Analogies questions.


As words converge, sentences form. As sentences synergize, paragraphs and passages - all circling around a centralized meaning - are created. Top Score tutors train students to navigate SSAT Reading passages in search of that meaning, all while actively engaging the text for important details, hidden inferences, and literary devices.


Independent and private schools understand that test scores don’t define a student’s intellectual potential. Tools like the SSAT’s Writing Sample give students a chance to tell their story and articulate their passions. Top Score students will reflect on their personal experiences that will add evidence to their writing samples, while demonstrating dexterity in clearly organizing those ideas.

Ready to get started?

Meet Santi Orozco, our resident SSAT master and tutor extraordinaire. With over 8 years of tutoring experience at the middle and high school levels, Santi Orozco has a track record of applying his passion for learning and education to helping students excel academically. Before graduating cum laude from Duke University in 2021, Santi spearheaded a 1-on-1 virtual math tutoring program during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, pairing a team of Duke tutors with struggling 6th graders. In addition to his proven academic ability, Santi’s warm and curious personality will guide your child to SSAT success.