Our Philosophy: Deep Learning Through Deep Relationships

At Top Score Education, our journey starts with investing in your family’s future.

We are a company of educators—writers, book worms, travelers, math geeks, sports nuts, spouses, and parents. Our love for the written word and chalk-scrawled numerals flow through the arteries of this company to keep it dynamic and fresh—anything but standardized. We intimately understand the path laid out before you—because we ourselves took stride on those steps. This shared understanding bolsters our belief that deep learning is achieved through deep relationships.

We do not promote shortcuts or routine memorization—our role is to shake scholastic tradition as alarm clocks for dogmatic slumber. Problem-solving, whether on the SAT or in life, requires active breakdown and reconstruction. Realizing personal greatness requires giving all of oneself. This drives our programs for students and our recruitment for tutors at every level. We won’t let you settle for less.


Our Tutors: Experienced Educators & Lifelong Learners

Top Score Education, founded by a Duke University alumnus, is a collection of experienced educators and lifelong learners—many of whom are also Duke graduates. Joining them are passionate academics who attended or are enrolled in graduate programs at Stanford, Princeton, MIT, University of Oxford, Cornell, Boston College, and the London School of Economics.

While all of us are proud jacks and jills of all trades, some are Masters of Writing, History, and Education, while others are Doctors of Philosophy and Engineering. Our team hosts NCAA championships swimmers, globe-trotting photographers, and piezoelectric engineers. We promote work-life balance for our staff. Encouraging travel or exploration means educators bring enthusiasm, inspiration, and additional perspective to our students.

No person in their right mind should care as much about process-based approach and reading comprehension strategy as we do, yet we find ourselves surrounded by Top Score educators who share the same energy and intensity to help their students achieve their best. To achieve more than they thought possible. To achieve greatness. This isn’t a job for us—it’s a vocation.


Our Results: Helping Students Achieve Their Full Potential

At Top Score Education, we pride ourselves on delivering results for all our students. Whether increasing SAT and ACT scores, turning a C into an A in a challenging course, or earning a perfect 5 on an AP exam, we understand that results matter. 

Top Score alums have matriculated to Duke, Stanford, Virginia Tech, University of Virginia, Cornell, University of Chicago, University of North Carolina, Brown, Notre Dame, Georgetown, NYU, University of Michigan, Columbia, Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth, Princeton, and many more high-ranking colleges and universities. 

We regularly seek feedback from our parents; the results speak for themselves. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) stands at an impressive 96.82. NPS measures customer satisfaction by asking how likely customers are to recommend a product or company. Scores range from -100 to +100, with above 0 being good, above 20 favorable, above 50 excellent, and above 80 considered world-class. 

We do not publish average SAT/ACT score increase data for our students as they all come to us at different starting points. For example, a student starting in the 7th percentile would almost certainly grow more total points than one starting at the 98th percentile. Likewise, a student who spends four months preparing would have different outcomes than the same student spending only four weeks preparing. A blanket average would not provide a comprehensive picture of your child's growth potential or test prep strategy. 

We would love to discuss your student's specific profile and share examples of how similar Top Score students have performed and grown in the past. Just reach out to advisor@topscoreedu.com to learn more! We look forward to partnering with your family to help your student achieve Deep Learning Through Deep Relationships.