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About Us

Deep learning through deep relationships.

In 2004, I started Top Score Education in Washington, D.C. as an antidote to “band-aid tutoring”—rather than simply teach test tricks, the goal was to inspire students to alter the way they learn, read, write, and problem-solve. Our company shield features the letter Delta representing change, and a staircase emblemizing ascension. We energize students to embrace these symbols as catalysts for higher scores, greater confidence, and empowering self-advocacy. Our students win debate tournaments, rock robotic competitions, achieve perfect SAT/ACT scores, and text us Nietzsche jokes. Former students even return to teach with us.

We remain small and exclusively hire career educators for whom personalization is not a goal, but a mandate. We are advocates of our students, friends of our families, and guides in an education landscape that can be tough to navigate.

I invite you to join the Top Score Education family and gain a trusted and true partnership.


Our mission is to energize and empower the next generation of scholastic heroes to harness their strengths, exceed their dreams, and inspire achievement in their communities.

We require precious time and attention from our students but most importantly—their trust.

At Top Score Education, our journey starts with investing in your family’s future.

We are a company of educators—writers, book worms, travelers, math geeks, sports nuts, spouses, and parents. Our love for the written word and chalk-scrawled numerals flow through the arteries of this company to keep it dynamic and fresh—anything but standardized. We intimately understand the path laid out before you—because we ourselves took stride on those steps. This shared understanding bolsters our belief that deep learning is achieved through deep relationships.

We do not promote shortcuts or routine memorization—our role is to shake scholastic tradition as alarm clocks for dogmatic slumber. Problem-solving, whether on the SAT or in life, requires active breakdown and reconstruction. Realizing personal greatness requires giving all of oneself. This drives our programs for students and our recruitment for tutors at every level. We won’t let you settle for less.

Team Members

No person in their right mind should care as much about process-based approach and reading comprehension strategy as we do, yet we find ourselves surrounded by Top Score educators who share the same energy and intensity to help their students achieve their best. To achieve more than they thought possible. To achieve greatness. This isn’t a job for us—it’s a vocation.

Alex Chip

Founder | Nationally Recognized SAT/ACT Expert

Charlotte Gosnell

Director, North Carolina | Test Prep Tutor

Graciele Oliveira

Math Tutor

Bryan Durazo

Veteran Test Prep Tutor

Jon Puder

Veteran Test Prep Tutor

Santi Orozco

Test Prep & STEM Tutor