Skills-Based Learning

Mapping the learning journey with performance transformation for all ages through Process. Confidence. Execution.

20 years in partnership with students has taught us one profound lesson—the modern student requires a skill set that exceeds classroom curricula and holds foundations in critical thinking, creativity, attitude, and agency. These highly individualized skills lay the groundwork for life-long learning and excellence in execution no matter where a student’s journey takes them.

Project Build

Our observation of today’s learning landscape finds that students memorize facts to cram for exams, develop boredom from standardized curricula, become intimidated by a cutthroat scholastic environment, or consume digital distractions. Project Build fills in the gaps created by these harsh realities through an adaptable curriculum, dynamic projects, and concrete deliverables that develop long-lasting skills.

Project Build is a dynamic private or small group course focused on building the skills necessary for success in school and life. Builders of all ages learn skills like organization, leadership, and agency through projects featuring entrepreneurship and community. The personalized course also helps students build their story, one they’ll need to tell convincingly and confidently on applications and in interviews for high school, college, and beyond.

Organization & Goal Setting

Achievement through aspiration and road maps.

Confidence & Emotional

Public speaking, debate, and emotional awareness.

Agency & Attitude

Leverage help when needed and mentorship where desired.

Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving

Break down multi-step challenges into linear solutions.

Ascension & Leadership

Turn strengths into differentiators to be a difference maker.

Tech Tools & Usage

Effectively, efficiently, and safely master technology.

The Written Word

Whether you’re a future lawyer, a lacrosse pro, or computer analyst, you need to know not only how to write, but how to write well. From standardized testing to academic research papers to college admissions essays, we interact with words every minute. In order to write effectively, we need to not only learn and master key mechanical rules but read both fiction and nonfiction texts thoroughly with deep analysis. Our Written Word program strengthens writing and reading foundations by breaking the English language down into its central components. We begin with a deep dive on Voice, exploring what a student’s existing writing style sounds, looks, and reads like. Then we break apart a sentence, focusing on vocabulary & context clues, grammar & punctuation, and passages from all genres of writing. Our program then tackles the steps to put those pieces together, from outline to deadline. Your student will use the latest in online learning platforms combined with traditional learning practices to grow their writing style to something more efficient, elevated, and confident. This course can be adjusted to feature a “Test Focus” with extra attention given to ACT & SAT format Reading & Writing passages.

Academic Growth

Improvement in vocabulary, grammar proficiency, essay writing, active reading, and note-taking.

Test Mastery

Tutors will cover high priority grammar rules, common question types, reading comprehension, and multiple-choice techniques for standardized tests.


Every writer has a voice and we teach students how to recognize this in literature while developing their personal, persuasive, purposeful, and presentable voices for their own writing.

Curiosity in Words

Students learn to love the Written Word by finding literature that speaks specifically to them while exploring excerpts from all genres—beyond classroom classics.

Infinity Math

Course Focus

Particularly helpful for students who experienced reduced Math retention or acquisition during the pandemic, or perhaps students looking to stretch themselves in an upcoming honors or AP math class, this 1:1 program focuses on 2 conceptual pillars: review & preview. Diagnostic testing is done to see what was (and wasn’t) learned during the previous school year(s): we will use that diagnostic testing to expose and support faulty foundation. Next focus is previewing the first quarter of the upcoming curriculum, offering enough coverage of terminology and core concepts to facilitate a fast start to an important school year. Students who have a basic understanding of concepts in a fast moving class will enter a positive feedback loop and demonstrate heightened motivation on homework, engagement in class, and scores on assessments. Infinity Math students show agency by reaching out to their incoming teachers to dig deeper into the skills they want to refine. This course can continue into the school year if desired, with effort both to spiral back to earlier concepts and look ahead to stay on top of upcoming class material and assessments.

SAT & ACT Focus

Particularly helpful for students who struggled to learn Math during the pandemic and are facing an SAT/ACT in the upcoming 2 years and want a primer in advance of their official test preparation. This class focuses on 2 pillars: review and apply. Diagnostic testing is done to see what was (and wasn’t) learned in the core math subjects tested on these exams (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2), and testing is done to see where they are on SAT & ACT Math: we will use Khan Academy adaptive software and official SAT/ACT exams for diagnostic purposes. Focus of the summer is support of those foundations. The 2nd pillar is application of those math skills to the SAT & ACT style questions. Our focus is on showing students how the word problems “hide” the math skills needed. We are working very specifically on tying each math question to a math skill, thus application. Review the math, recognize the core of each problem, then apply the proper skill.

Infinity Math Building Blocks



We review and cement fundamental skills to build upon.


Breaking ceilings requires confidence gained through victories in school, and we focus on achieving higher grades in current coursework.


This is not an SSAT, SAT, or GMAT math prep class, but rather the cultivation of skills to use on all standardized math tests.


For advance students, this accelerated course enables advancement to and achievement in honors level courses.