Meet Alex Chip: Top Score Founder & Nationally Recognized SAT & ACT Tutor.

Over the past 19 years, I have tutored thousands of students in high school and college admissions testing, launched innovative project-based learning programs for students of all ages, and opened new Top Score branches servicing students in Miami, FL, and Durham, NC. I’ve written articles and given talks and led panels on standardized tests but ultimately the success of a tutor only begins with the mastery of the exams. I graduated from Duke in 2004 knowing I wanted to teach and write and build something meaningful and real with heart that would reverberate far beyond my personal reach – a mission to understand how to reach and inspire students. I know our area schools intimately, a DC native and DCPS and Landon School alum myself. I attended awkward middle school dances here. I played football after school until parents had to light the field with their car headlights. I freaked out about college because it’s Washington D.C. and everybody freaks out about college. I understand your kid because I was your kid. 

My dream has turned into a mission-centric institution with operations that include 20 passionate educators teaching students across 4 continents. I take the ACT & SAT every few years to set the example for my tutors (they all have to do it too) and achieve perfect scores using every technique that we teach. I didn’t achieve that in high school, but I do consistently now because the methodology I have created puts me at every step of the way in a position to succeed. From the program plan to curated materials to the sessions themselves, I do the same for my students – put them in a position to succeed. 19 years of working with teenagers has provided me the expertise to offer unconditional support when it’s needed, tough love when it’s required, more graphics for visual learners, more call and response for those with attention deficits, bullet point learning for students with verbal neurodiversities, and so many other well-lit pathways to understanding for students who might otherwise feel they were walking alone in the dark. I treat each student as if they were my kid, and they see how viscerally I want them to succeed. That partnership is strong, rooted in trust, and the very thing that made me start this company 20 years ago and will drive me for the next 20.

High School Services: ACT • SAT • PSAT

Comprehensive Test Prep Program: $14,400

Johns Hopkins University

Class of 2007
Master’s degree—Writing
Named “Most Outstanding Graduate”

Duke University

Class of 2004
President: Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Graduated cum laude

Landon School

Class of 2000
All-county football team
Captain of the baseball team
AP Scholar with Distinction


  1. The Washingtonian Magazine
  2. Towerview Magazine
  3. The Georgetowner
  4. The Downtowner
  5. Potomac Review

Novelist in Progress

  1. Historical fiction novel about the Spanish Civil War and city of Barcelona

Human Heart

  1. Married with children — aged 6 and 3
  2. Traveler — a citizen of Spain where I go for writing inspiration...and jamón
  3. Early Peloton evangelist
  4. Professional sports junkie
  5. Opera enthusiast
  6. Taco artist