Meet Cat Smith: English Language Arts Tutor.

Originally from Dayton, Ohio, I moved to Washington DC to attend law school at George Washington University, where I am a 1L. I have worked with students as a teacher and tutor since completing my undergraduate studies at Kenyon College.

My first goal when working with students is to help them understand we are on the same team. Students will learn better in an environment where they have a trusting relationship with their teacher or tutor and are comfortable being themselves and making mistakes.

As an English language arts tutor, I encourage my tutees by creating a learning environment that builds their confidence. My style is more of a facilitator than a lecturer. I help my students develop self-reliance and the ability to reason through challenges they don’t understand at first so that as my session ends, they can continue to grow with the tools I have provided them.

Middle School Services: English & Writing • Written Word
High School Services: College Essay • English & Writing • Written Word
College Services: English • Psychology

Hourly Rate: $150

The George Washington University

I am currently a first-year law student at George Washington University, with an expected graduation of May 2026

Kenyon College

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Women’s & Gender Studies, with a minor in English
Graduated cum laude
Student Council (First Year Class President, Vice President for Student Life as a sophomore)
Rugby (President and Captain)
Pep Band (Director and President)
Local Sorority (Vice President, among other positions)
Studied abroad during my junior year in Denmark

Centerville High School

Competitive marching band (Drum Major my senior year)
Winter Guard
Jazz Band
Poetry Club


  1. AmeriCorps (City Year, teaching 6-8th grade English in a DC public school)
  2. Wilderness Guiding for Overland Summers (in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Maine, and Wyoming)
  3. TextLess Live More (a non-profit where I traveled the country educating about phone addiction and safe driving)

Human Heart

  1. Practiced Musician (Tuba and Piano)
  2. Enthusiastic chef
  3. Plant hobbyist
  4. Parent of 2 cats
  5. Lover of nature and the outdoors