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Clint HoughClint Hough

Meet Clint Hough: AP History & Humanities Tutor.

I am an American historian and career educator. My doctoral research focused on the development of Atlantic capitalism and slavery during the Early Republic period of American history. I have taught AP US History for the last sixteen years and graded the AP US History exam for the last five years. My love for history extends beyond the United States, as I have researched extensively in the Spanish national archives and love all things Spain. Throughout my sixteen years in the classroom, I have taught American, World, European, and Latin American history as well as courses in Government, Economics, and Holocaust Studies. I love sharing great stories with my students.

My teaching style is focused on storytelling, and the best stories are those that capture the full range of past voices. I want my students to have fun while developing the skills of the historian, close reading, analysis, and synthesis. I focus on argument development and writing not just as part of historical study but as a life skill. Drawing on my experience as an AP exam grader, I tailor my approach to AP preparation, providing students with specific strategies to consistently and effectively earn points across all question types.

Having scored each written question format, including free-response, document-based essays, and short answer questions, my goal is to teach students to master these question types while honing their writing abilities. I want to not only instill a profound understanding of history in my students but also to equip them with the tools and confidence to succeed both academically and beyond, fostering critical thinking and effective communication that will serve them well beyond the classroom.

High School Services: AP US History • AP European History • AP World History • AP US Government and Politics • AP Comparative Government and Politics • AP Human Geography • Economics (Micro & Macro)

Hourly Rate: $150

MLA - University of South Florida & PhD - Florida International University

MLA – University of South Florida: Degree in American Studies, Received 2 research fellowships in the Spanish National Archives, where I conducted original historical research on Spain’s involvement in the American Revolution.

Ph.D. – Florida International University: Degree in History, 3 additional summer research fellowships in Spain, dissertation “Twice Enslaved: African Slavery in the Merchant Trading Companies,” focused on the connection between African enslavement practices and the development of Early Atlantic capitalism.

The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina

BA in Political Science
US Navy Midshipman
Class Board of Directors
Military Training Instructor (Cadet Sergeant)
Sailing Team

Palm Beach Gardens High School

Theater, Track, and Cross Country


  1. Current history teacher at National Cathedral School
  2. Former history teacher at The Benjamin School, Palm Beach, FL, Ransom Everglades, Coconut Grove, FL, and NSU University School, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  3. Sailing Coach & Instructor

  1. Lifelong sailor, who loves all things water related, diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, spear fishing