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John GomezJohn Gomez

Meet John Gomez: SAT & ACT Tutor.

I entered the field of education as a second career after spending 20 years in the software industry. I am passionate about tutoring because I find joy in witnessing students achieve their goals related to college admission. Specifically, I specialize in teaching SAT and ACT preparation.

As a tutor, my primary objective is to keep students engaged and help them build the confidence needed to perform well on the tests. Recognizing that students have diverse learning styles, I tailor my approach to suit each individual. I take pride in adopting a relaxed and interactive teaching style to impart the necessary strategies for success on the tests.

My ultimate goal is to guide students toward improvement in their scores. I am proud to say that all of my students have experienced score improvement under my guidance. A strong test score is the key to gaining admission to their dream schools, and I am committed to helping students unlock that opportunity.

High School Services: ACT • SAT • PSAT

Comprehensive Test Prep Program: $3,600

London School of Economics

Post-graduate degree in Industrial Relations

Georgia Tech

BS in Computer Science

Colegio San Carlos

Golf Team


  1. Worked for IBM as a programmer for NASA's Space Shuttle Program
  2. Founded a commercial software company in the field of data mining
  3. Volunteer firefighter for 20 years
  4. Director of Finance for Rapid City Catholic School System

Human Heart

  1. Live in Miami with my wife. Father of two daughters who, I'm proud to say, got excellent ACT Scores!
  2. Mountain biker and beachgoer
  3. Studying the effects of AI and its impact on the education system
  4. Always on the search for great undiscovered restaurants