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Jon Wilkins

Director of Advising and Outreach

Meet Jon Wilkins:

Director of Advising and Outreach.

As Top Score’s Director of Advising and Outreach, I partner with prospective and current families to design customized academic programs for their children. I am passionate about helping families find the best education solutions for their kids. In addition to advising Top Score families, I work towards scaling Top Score’s impact by developing meaningful external partnerships with schools, education consultants, college counselors, summer camps, and other organizations that align with our mission.

If you ever need any assistance or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at I am here to help and support you however I can.

Before joining Top Score, I worked in private school admissions, marketing, communication, and advancement. My work in education started as a high school math teacher, and I have always been passionate about positively impacting students’ lives.  

Originally from Vermont, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Mathematics from the University of Vermont and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from George Washington University. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, boating on the Potomac, and trying out new restaurants.


Green Mountain Union High School

Class Treasurer
Year Book Chief Editor

University of Vermont

BS in Education & Mathematics
Board Member for the University’s American Sign Language Club
Global Learning Director university student group

George Washington University

Master’s in Educational Leadership



Current PTA President at Marie Reed Elementary & proud dad!

Former private school Director of Admissions & Outreach

Top Score Director of Advising and Outreach


Human Heart

Married and parent to a wonderful 4 year old

Bilingual - English and American Sign Language

DC Foodie - Ask me about my favorite restaurants

Film buff