Maggie Klein

AP Biology, Biology, AP Chemistry, & Chemistry Tutor

Meet Maggie Klein:

3rd Year Medical Student at George Washington University.

I have been a student for as long as I can remember – from kindergarten until now, as I am in my 3rd year of medical school. With so many hours logged in the classroom, I know one of the best feelings in the world is when the material clicks. And I love when I can help other people have that “ah-ha” moment, too. I worked as a teaching assistant and tutor during and after college, and I find that my volunteering mainly revolves around school programming. I enjoy connecting with students and helping them develop their passions for STEM subjects, particularly Chemistry and Biology.

As a tutor, I like to analyze learning styles. Every student learns differently, and I want to meet my students where they are at, whether that includes diagrams for visual learners, conversation for auditory learners, etc. Many people believe science to be all memorization, but understanding the common thread and comprehensively learning the material helps create an unbreakable foundation for future learning. As well, having taken a plethora of standardized tests in my time, I like to help students break down questions from the ever-elusive science sections. My goal is always to do whatever it takes to support my students to feel confident in their knowledge.

High School Services: AP Chemistry, Chemistry, AP Biology, Biology

Hourly Rate: $150


New Trier High School

Class of 2016
Basketball and Golf Teams
Illinois State Scholar
National Honor Society
Senior Class Project Leader

Vanderbilt University

Biology and Spanish, Minor in Chemistry – Class of 2020
Cum Laude & Phi Beta Kappa
Student tutor for the athletic department
Undergrad research assistant

George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, MD Candidate

Projected graduation 2024
Worked in collaboration with George Washington and Howard University Medical Students to organize opening a community clinic focused on serving the homeless patient population in Washington, DC. Planned opportunities for medical students to become involved with the homeless population outside of a medical context as well.



Teaching assistant for introductory biology

Vanderbilt students volunteer for science & emBRACE (taught science and reproductive health lessons)

President of Habitat for Humanity at Vanderbilt University


Human Heart

Lifelong Chicago Cubs fan

Avid Reader

Lover of bad 2000s rom-coms

Re-teaching myself how to knit