Miaki Fukuhara

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Miaki FukuharaMiaki Fukuhara

Meet Miaki Fukuhara: SAT, ACT, & STEM Tutor.

As a Peruvian-born, California-native Cancer research fellow at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), I have been involved in freelance tutoring since 2019, inspired by my experiences with a tutor during my high school years.

I prefer a hands-on teaching style, aiming to build personal connections with my students. I want them to feel like they’re more than just clients; they’re my mentees. I encourage open conversation and questions, which helps me understand their unique learning styles. This way, I can tailor my instruction to suit their needs, ensuring they learn in a way that works best for them.

I aim for each student to achieve their definition of a perfect score, whether a 1500+ SAT score, a high percentage on an AP Biology test, or passing a weekly math quiz. While I provide students with the resources they need to reach these goals, my main objective is to boost their academic confidence at every level.

High School Services: SAT • ACT • Algebra I • Algebra II • Geometry • Pre-Calculus • Calculus • Biology • AP Biology • Spanish • AP Spanish
College Services: General Biology • Spanish • Nutrition

Comprehensive ACT/SAT Test Prep Program: $3,600
Hourly Academic Tutoring: $150


Bachelor of Science in Biology
Cancer and Imaging research
Dean’s List
Vice President of Phi Sigma Rho
Movie and Hiking Club

Los Osos High School

Worked in a hospital
Dual enrollment advocate


  1. Currently a Post-Baccalaureate CRTA Fellow at NIH-NCI
  2. Worked in the Broad Stem Cell Research Center and the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center at UCLA
  3. Experienced biology and test prep tutor

Human Heart

  1. Peruvian food expert
  2. Weight lifting enthusiast
  3. Retired surfer
  4. Sewing machine beast