Meet Nick Daly: SAT & ACT Tutor.

I’ve lived in Northern Virginia my whole life and have been working as a test prep tutor here for a half-decade. I studied accounting in college and, while finishing school and passing my CPA exams, started tutoring and came to love it. The patterns and puzzles are wonderful brain stimulation, but the human interaction with those patterns is what makes 1:1 tutoring such a great challenge and so different every day. Before joining Top Score, I tutored students for the SAT & ACT with Applerouth and Huntington Learning Center, but here I have found the most meaningful opportunities to forge trusting relationships with my students, which allows me to ask more of them and they of me.

I firmly believe that although you can’t force someone to learn, a tutor can help any student succeed by instilling in them the confidence to learn as well as developing repeatable technical skills. I have picked up tutoring skills at each stop along the way, and I’ve developed methodology for so many different types of learners. I find great joy, and have much experience, in helping my students reach their individual and personalized goals on their test prep journey.

High School Services: SAT & ACT Test Prep • Middle School Math, Algebra 1, Algebra 2

Comprehensive SAT & ACT Test Prep Program: $3,600
Infinity Math Test Prep Primer: $2,700
Hourly Non-Test Prep Tutoring: $150

George Mason University

CPA Licensure Coursework

James Madison University

Class of 2018
B.B.A in Accounting
JMU President’s List (3.9+GPA)

James Madison High School

Class of 2014
National Honor Society
98th Percentile SAT Score
Wrestling and Rowing Team Member
Marching Band


  1. Financial auditor for federal agencies and contractors
  2. Veteran test prep tutor with experience tutoring students in the SAT & ACT since 2019

Human Heart

  1. Avid reader
  2. DC sports fanatic
  3. Lover of beach vacations