Meet Peter Yao: Senior SAT & ACT Tutor.

I come from Lakeland, Florida, a small and quiet city between the contrastingly lively cities of Orlando and Tampa. Growing up, I played competitive basketball through high school and received Division 1 offers. Finding the time and motivation to practice, study, and get a good night’s rest was no walk in the park. However, these experiences taught me the importance of self-discipline, work-life balance, and mental fortitude, whether in my preparation to score well on the following standardized test or my focus on an upcoming state championship game. I’m blessed to be able to continue working with like-minded, ambitious, and well-rounded individuals. As a tutor, I aim to lend a helping hand to future generations of students who are also striving to reach their full potential. Through inspiration, I hope students find the learning process as fulfilling as mine.

Just like communication, education is a two-way street. I take pride in my ability to convey each detail in ways where students can better understand and retain new material. As a veteran tutor, I have worked with over 100 students. As a result of this experience, I’ve come to understand that every student will approach learning differently. To account for this, I always strive to cater my approach individually, breaking down every piece of information to the most critical foundations whenever necessary. Understanding the building blocks is more essential than just memorizing material. I encourage students to ask questions and reciprocate to the best of their abilities.

My mission is to continuously hone the sense of educational communication between myself and each student so that this two-way street can ultimately be their road to academic success.

High School Services: SAT • ACT • PSAT

Comprehensive SAT & ACT Program: $6,600

Duke University

Bachelor of Science in Biology (Psychology Minor)
Duke University Hospital Clinical Human Researcher
FUQUA School of Business Research Assistant
Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine Medical Records Intern
Practice Staff for Duke Basketball Athletics
Climate Coalition Club

International Baccalaureate at Bartow High School

National Merit Scholarship Award
AP Scholar with Distinction
National Honor Society President
Student Council Vice President
Spanish Club Vice President
Student Government Association Vice President
National Honor Society Secretary
Varsity Basketball and Tennis


  1. Veteran tutor & standardized test prep program developer
  2. Data analyst
  3. Lab assistant at Duke University

Human Heart

  1. Proud golden retriever owner
  2. NBA fanatic
  3. Alto saxophonist and pianist
  4. Foodie
  5. Self-proclaimed chess expert