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Santi Orozco

Lead Test Prep & STEM Tutor

Meet Santi Orozco:

Duke Grad | SAT, ACT, SSAT & STEM Specialist.

Teaching has been a constant in my adult life, as a passion, a service, and a profession. I worked in a handful of academic settings before joining Top Score, serving as a tutor at BoldABC, an academic specialist at Durham Academy Summer Institutes, a Project Manager at KIPP Public Schools, and Head Tutor at Durham Public Schools. As a refugee and first-generation college student (Duke University), I am acutely aware of not only the power of education, but how a student’s identity impacts their learning. A student who thinks their neurodiversity makes them unable to ace standardized tests must be shown (often!) evidence of their ability, to build confidence. Another who believes their innate ability will carry them through 200+ questions must be shown their vulnerability, to build meticulousness. I bring focus and methodology for helping students to develop critical thinking skills and mature intellectual identities. I continue to feel incredibly fulfilled helping students explore their curiosities and apply that knowledge to develop their character. 

How I set about the task? First and foremost as a tutor, I encourage a holistic relationship with my students. I recognize that students’ complex interests, dreams, and personality inform their unique learning processes. Consequently, I always put effort into getting to know my students profoundly. A few minutes to contextualize a student’s learning and enthusiasm for hobbies can result in months of deeper motivation to connect how a particular assignment, exam, or piece of information may prove valuable for their personal values and aspirations. If they sense I am invested in them, they will invest in the program and their own success.

Middle School Services: SSAT • Middle School Math

High School Services: ACT • SAT • PSAT • SSAT • Algebra I • Algebra II • Geometry • Pre-Calculus 

College Services: Intro Psychology • Cognitive Psychology • Personality Psychology • Intro English/Writing Courses • Spanish • Essay Review

Comprehensive SAT & ACT Program: $4,800
Comprehensive SSAT, HSPT, ISEE Program: $2,700
Non-Test Prep Hourly Rate: $150


Western High School

Member of National Honor Society
Treasurer of Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honor Society
AP Scholar with Distinction
Recipient of AP Capstone Diploma
Congressional Debate member of school’s National Speech & Debate Team

Duke University

Head Tutor & Teacher Assistant for Durham Public School (DPS) students
Member & Choreographer for Duke Street Medicine Hip-Hop Dance Group
Research Assistant at Belief, Affect & Behavior Lab



Project Manager at KIPP Public Schools

Academic Specialist at Durham Academy Summer Programs

English Literacy Tutor at BoldABC Tutoring


Human Heart

Colombian immigrant and refugee

Expert Settlers of Catan strategist

Full-time cat owner and snuggler

National Parks devotee

Music connoisseur and producer