Meet John Sok: SAT, ACT, & Math Tutor.

I grew up in Rockville, Maryland, and graduated with a computer science degree from the University of Maryland. Before joining Top Score, I worked as a middle school math teacher and a SAT/ACT tutor. I find joy in seeing students achieve their goals and feel proud when I see the student’s growth.

As a tutor, I create an environment where students feel safe making mistakes and asking questions about concepts they need clarification on. I love teaching how to get the correct answer and the foundational knowledge required to fully understand why the answer is correct. I aim to have a strong, positive relationship with the student so that the student feels comfortable and motivated to learn and ask questions.

Middle School Services: Middle School Math

High School Services: SAT • ACT • Algebra I • Algebra II • Geometry • Pre-Calculus

Comprehensive ACT/SAT Test Prep Program: $3,600
Hourly Academic Tutoring: $150

University of Maryland, College Park

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Dean’s List

Walter Johnson High School

Varsity basketball


  1. Former Middle School Math Teacher
  2. Experienced SAT/ACT Tutor

Human Heart

  1. NBA fan
  2. Foodie (love Korean food)
  3. Love playing ping pong, tennis, and basketball
  4. Chess enthusiast